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Weight Watchers has helped millions of people around the country with living healthy lifestyles and with losing weight since 1963. Today Weight Watchers has a number of key features that will help anyone who is looking for help with losing weight. These include not only the traditional meetings that have helped members to stay motivated for years but also a number of different online features. This includes the brand new Simple Start plan to help you get on the right track.

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For a limited time only, you will get a FREE ActiveLink 2.0 when they you buy a Weight Watchers Online 3-month savings plan! ActiveLink 2.0 is a state-of-the-art monitor to motivate you to move more. It sets your goals, tracks your activity and motivates you to be active. The device normally retails for $59.95. This promotion will run through 12/4. Please note that an additional subscription is required to use the product.
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Weight Watchers Review

Weight Watchers is designed to provide anyone who needs assistance with losing weight with the right resources for doing so. Participants are able to get access to all sorts of different Weight Watchers features depending on what they have signed up for.

The purpose of the program is to help people learn how they can choose healthy lifestyles and the right foods for dieting. This is also to bring members together who are looking to lose weight and provide everyone a better sense of community.

The 2014 Plan – Weight Watchers Simple Start

weight watchers simple start 2014If you’re looking to get into healthier lifestyle then you’ll be pleased to see that Weight Watchers makes it easier for you to start the right way. One plan you may want to try out is “Simple Start“. This plan lasts for the first two weeks of one’s membership with Weight Watchers. It was made with the intention of giving all new participants the assistance they need with getting on the right track with the Weight Watchers program. It keeps them in a healthy routine and harbors the development of strong habits dedicated to weight loss.

Simple Start has been designed with a solution where a participant will work with foods from a particular list that Weight Watchers has developed. This list includes a series of foods that can be found at any grocery store. The foods on this list are called PowerFoods because they help participants with losing weight while keeping them filled. It’s all done without causing them to become hungry.

In fact, these foods are designed to keep people filled quickly and for as long as possible. The foods on this plan are designed to work for the first two weeks of the Weight Watchers program and will help anyone to get started with a healthy routine for eating right.

Participants who subscribe to the Weight Watchers Online program (as well as eTools and WW Monthly Pass) will also get access to a special app they can use on any mobile device. This provides members with a listing of foods to use and even has step-by-step recipe ideas and instructions.

See how Jessica Simpson Describes the Plan in this Video Below!
Watch Weight Watchers Ambassador, Jessica Simpson chat on her own experience on the Simple Start program plus her tips for those of you just starting out on your weight loss journey! Recorded January 7, 2014.

Weight Watchers Online

weight watchers online 2014The Weight Watchers Online program allows members to keep in touch with their weight loss goals no matter where they are. The program uses a number of convenient applications and websites dedicated to giving all members a number of ways for losing weight without risking any problems in a dieting plan.

Weight Watchers Online has features like recipes for preparing all sorts of healthy foods. Weight Watchers has more than 4,000 recipes for you to search through. These are options that entail just about everything people like in their diets. It also has a database that lists more than 200,000 different foods.

This is all prepared with customized solutions for men and women. Weight Watchers understands that men and women have their own issues over how to lose weight.

This also comes with a bar code scanner used to help people learn about individual foods. This may be used with a smartphone that has a scanner function.

The restaurant finder is especially convenient as it allows people to review different menus for all sorts of establishments. It is liked to hundreds of different restaurants and helps people to figure out what the best possible options for dining are based on the nutritional features that come with going out.

The social media features that come with the program are also convenient. The online community allows members to get in touch through boards, Facebook posts and more. The goal is to allow all members to interact with each other in order to learn about the many things that can be done in order to have a healthy lifestyle.

Weight Watchers Monthly Pass Brings You to Meetings

weight watchers monthly pass promotion codeThe Weight Watchers Monthly Pass is also included in this weight loss program. The Monthly Pass allows members to get access to meetings at all sorts of places. There are meetings in hundreds of locations all around the country. All a member has to do is to present one’s pass in order to get access to a meeting (Note: Meetings are available in participating areas only).

Members can get in touch with each other during a meeting and talk about their weight goals, how they are working towards losing weight and exchange ideas on what to do to make it all work. The efforts that all members can partake in will vary but they are all designed to enhance anyone’s ability to have a healthier lifestyle.

Each meeting comes with a secure and confidential weigh-in and weight-loss mentors who can help people with information on how to lose weight the right way. The solutions that are provided at these meetings are made to help all participants with learning about what they have to do in order to stay healthy and to be less likely to struggle with weight loss issues.

eTools Includes Many Features

Weight Watchers members can also get access to different eTools that may be used in between different meetings. These members can receive support through such common eTools as the Activity Tracker, a program used to help review and keep track of all the exercises a participant is going through. It also includes access to webcasts that allow people to learn about the latest ideas for weight loss and how to manage one’s weight after losing enough.

It’s a very portable and easy to use system that goes wherever one goes. It is a simple and logical solution that gives anyone access to the tools needed in order to lose weight and to keep all that weight off.

All of these features of the Weight Watchers program show just how effective it can be for anyone who is looking to lose weight. The program helps participants with learning about new ways to lose weight and can help them get in touch with each other to learn about the best things they can do for their weight loss goals.

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