Diet Plan Promotion Codes and Reviews for 2015

Below We Reveal our Top Weight Loss Diet Plans for 2015! Do you know what is needed to be the star of any party or celebration? The answer is a great body that is worth flaunting. The pleasure of having a fit body which is in shape is unmatchable. Every time when people see the red carpet appearances and cover photos of Hollywood celebrities then they too sigh and secretly harbor the desire to have shapely legs and washboard abs like them. But once people enter their `Monday to Saturday’ office routine juggling with raising kids side by side then the cherished dream of having a flab less body goes into the backseat. But despite such hectic schedules this dream can be realized by taking the help of professional weight loss service providing companies that offer great weight loss diet plans which actually help in losing substantial amount of weight with least efforts.

These weight loss diet plans either home deliver cooked diet meals or they provide you with tools to improve your eating habits and activity level. But whatever medium these weight loss diet plans chose, the end result is always a fabulous body that oozes a great deal of self confidence. While choosing one of the weight loss diet plans you should consider various aspects like long term affordability of the diet plan, contradictory nature of the diet plan with your present health condition, food allergies, amount of time on hand, your willingness to put extra efforts, the amount of weight that you need to lose and most importantly the suitability of the diet plan according to your body type. So, while choosing any of the weight loss diet plans you should evaluate the services offered by them properly in order to check the compatibility level with your lifestyle. The best weight loss diet plans that are currently the hot favorite among health conscious people are discussed here.

Diet to Go
diet to go reviewDiet to Go is a diet meal delivery system which delivers specially prepared low fat food to the customers’ homes. This diet meal delivery service is very impressive and you can choose either a 1200 calories plan or a 1600 calories weight loss plan depending upon the speed at which you want to lose weight. The meals are sent to the consumers’ house on a rotation basis and after every five weeks your meal menu would be changed in order to provide ample taste variations to make the weight loss experience enjoyable. You would be able to lose about 2-3lbs every week if you lead a very sedentary lifestyle and you are relying solely on the Diet to Go diet meal delivery plan for achieving weight loss. Three types of menus are currently being served by the Diet to Go diet meal delivery plan which comprise of the traditional food variety, low carb variety and vegetarian variety. The diet meals are very low in fat and carbohydrate just like the Atkins dieting theory. This low fat and low carbohydrate food will help you in achieving weight loss due to the burning of fat cells. The Diet to Go diet meal delivery service is known for the quality of the food that it delivers. It doesn’t outsource its food and there is a huge team of chefs who work in real kitchen environment to prepare the food. One interesting facet of the Diet to Go meal delivery plan is that it has brought up a special food pick up service for its consumers. For this, the Diet to Go has formed associations with many club owners and gym owners at various locations in few cities. These fitness centers will serve as the pickup location where the customers could come once a week to pick up their freshly prepared food in `non frozen’ state.

Medifast ReviewMedifast is a very scientific weight loss service which combines the diet meal delivery system with self meal preparation guiding. The weight loss program is one of the most powerful meal replacement modules that have a track record of proven weight loss results among the Medifast users. The weight loss success rate is so high that users would be able to lose even up to 5 pounds in a single week if he is following the program to the hilt. The Medifast weight loss program offers a seven day meal delivery system in which it delivers nutrition packed meals that are low in bad carbohydrates and fat but high in proteins. This Medifast weight loss program offers six meals per day which are to be eaten at frequent intervals in order to keep the metabolic rate high. Also, the consumers are required to include one substitution meal which would comprise of protein portions and few green vegetables that are high in fiber. This weight loss program is one of the most sought after weight loss diet plans. Medifast diet plans are available in two types, i.e. the two week diet food delivery system and four week food ordering system. If you want to relax your diet plan on the weekends then you should choose the five day per week food ordering plan. The variety of the food offered is good enough to keep the interest of the dieter. This is one of those diet meal delivery plans that can be continued for long without compromising the health.

Weight Watchers
weight watchers reviewWeight Watchers is just the darling weight loss program of the majority of the people who struggle with weight issues. The only drawback of this weight loss diet plan is that it requires slight efforts on your parts in the calculation of points plus system. But if you see optimistically, then this weight loss diet plan is the healthiest of all while being the least expensive than those who deliver diet meals. It offers no diet meal delivery service but it is such a weight loss plan which is extremely sustainable for lifelong without any extravagant expenditure. Also, it is the most lenient weight loss program module which allows you to live your life completely your way without compromising anything. You can eat French fries if you want. You can drink scotch if you want. Only two rules define this weight loss plan- `do whatever you want’ and `calculate the points plus values’. Actually, the points plus value of the food helps in assessing the nutritional quotient of the food. So, you will be allotted a fixed number of points plus values that you can spend per day. Within that points plus value range you can practically eat anything under the sun. Various mobile apps, eTools kit, recipe building apps, restaurant food locator apps, barcode reading apps etc form a part of this weight loss program that equally stresses on the inclusion of activity in your life as it stresses upon the points plus calculation. You can expect to lose about 2-6 pounds of weight every week. Monthly pass, meetings, online program, workplace program are few of its weight loss program designs.

Bistro MD
bistro md reviewIf you are addicted to delicious restaurant food which is causing weight gain then you should switch your restaurant meals with the meals that are delivered at your home by Bistro MD. It is slightly more expensive diet food delivery plan as compared to Diet to Go. But the taste of the gourmet dishes that are delivered by this diet food delivery chain is worth the few extra bucks. Real chefs prepare real gourmet meals using advanced meal preparation technologies like baking, sauté, grilling etc to prepare low fat food that is nutritionally balanced. It offers two types of gourmet food delivery plans which are the 5 day food delivery plan and the 7 day food delivery plan. You can choose any of these two diet food delivery plans along with the availability of snacks. However if you want then you can order the meals without the snacks. Bistro MD provides the privilege of complete menu customization to its customers who can switch over the non appealing food choices with those food items that are up to their liking. Another interesting feature of Bistro MD which gives it an upper hand over other meal delivery systems is that it provides a different menu to its customers after every week. This helps in keeping the customers entertained with various kinds of taste throughout their dieting phase.

nurisystemNutrisystem is one of the most sought after weight loss program which works on the lines of meal delivery type weight loss plans. But in reality, the Nutrisystem weight loss plan is so comprehensive and well formulated over deep scientific logics that it has no competition with other diet delivery plans. Customers have seen the true weight loss results of Nutrisystem weight loss plan. Nutrisystem delivery 28 day meals to its customers at their door step in frozen state most of the times. These meals worth four weeks comprise of six meals per day which are to be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks. The comprehensive meal delivery plan is completely focused on the weight control by means of elimination of high glycemic index food items from the diet completely. All the 150 meals that are included in the Nutrisystem menu are no less than gourmet meals but they are totally low in glycemic index while being very high in proteins. Correct proportions of good carbohydrates are also present in the Nutrisystem meals which are low in salts. No added preservatives and artificial sugar substitutes are used in the meal preparation which makes the food extremely healthy for long term consumption. The weight loss rate is about 3-5 lbs per week. Nutrisystem has brought an activity planner too which will help you in choosing 3 activities that will be only 15 minutes long. The inclusion of these short activity sessions will help the dieters in keeping their body very active. The Nutrisystem also asks the customers to include four different types of meal additions in order to complete the Nutritional requirement. These four categories of meal substitutions that have to be added by the consumers include the protein portions, dairy products, snacks, fruits and green vegetables. However, the consumers can choose only those substitutions that have been listed in the Nutrisystem’s list of low glycemic index food substitutes. This is one of the most successful weight loss diet plans.

slimfast reviewThe Slimfast weight loss plan is probably the easiest weight loss diet plans that are available in the market presently. You would eat a total of six meals in a day in such a manner that the total calorie count will fall short of your daily calorie intake requirement. This would cause speedy and effective weight loss without any requirement of doing exercise. Also, the six meal replacements have been designed in such a manner that the dieter would not feel hungry at all in between the meals. You would feel that you are eating up to your fill and still you’re losing weight. This is a wonderful diet plan that offers the most delicious meal replacements although the variety isn’t too good. Its weight loss diet plan is known as the 321 type food consumption plan in which you would consume two delicious shakes in a day along with three yummy diet bars. The last meal is the dinner which is a properly cooked low fat food item that is shipped to your home by the Slimfast. The diet plan of Slimfast is extremely affordable and the meal bars are very tasty. The total calorie intake of this diet meal plan of Slimfast is less than 1200 calories. The nutritional requirements of the dieter would be fulfilled only up to a certain extent. The long term suitability of the Slimfast diet plan can’t be exactly predicted. However, this diet plan will provide you very quick weight loss results. Slimfast offers good choices for the single dinner meals that are provided to the customers.